Will My Yard be Damaged During Installation?

Concrete landscape edging gives a clean and fresh look to your landscaping. Today there are many edging techniques available but concrete landscape curbing has become the most popular edging solution. Whatever edging technique is chosen, a primary concern of many customers is often relative to the lawn and whether or not equipment will damage it. At Creative Edging we hear these types of questions […]

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The Mistake Homeowners Make With Metal Lawn Edging

Mistake? When designing their landscape most homeowners give little thought to the type of border edge material they use between their lawn and plant beds. Borders are important, but in an effort to spend less, metal edging is often the choice. It doesn’t take long for problems to arise. In short order, rocks or mulch begin to spill out and get run over with the […]

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Tree Root landscape problems?

Trees can provide shade, great color, and texture, and add value to your home. But as the tree grows and the root system gets larger they can cause costly damage to the lawn and landscape materials such as concrete edging and walkways, as well as the foundation of your home and buildings.  The roots can also damage your lawnmower and blades.

In a new […]

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Concrete Tree Rings

We now are making our own Pre-Cast concrete tree rings!

Choose from either Mower or Curb style, no added color.  They measure about 42” in diameter to accommodate nearly any size tree on your property.  They come in two pieces for easy installation and allow future adjusting or moving (in case there are root issues down the road).

We make our concrete tree rings with our same strong […]

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Adding Color to your Concrete

Most complaints stem from the fact that the concrete doesn’t exactly match the manufacturer’s color chart. Despite prominent disclaimers on the charts describing the factors that can affect color, customers still assume their concrete will be a solid, consistent color like a painted wall. This is simply not the case.

Color cannot be accurately assessed on concrete less than 28 days old, especially in cool […]

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Why Should I go with Concrete Edging?

concrete curbing and landscape edging in Spokane, Wa and North IdahoConcrete edging is a hardscape that you want to show off. It offers a wide array of design possibilities, so it contributes to the look of your lawn or garden. You can stay with the gray concrete or you can have your poured edging stained in a […]

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