Mistake? When designing their landscape most homeowners give little thought to the type of border edge material they use between their lawn and plant beds. Borders are important, but in an effort to spend less, metal edging is often the choice. It doesn’t take long for problems to arise. In short order, rocks or mulch begin to spill out and get run over with the lawnmower. One of the biggest issues is the grass encroachment. The metal edge is just too thin to be a good root barrier and the grass begins to grow over and under it very rapidly. The weed fabric does little to stop it. Not to mention that pet paws can be injured by sharp edges.

For these reasons and more, homeowners may consider a replacement. Many homeowners that initially went the less expensive route end up frustrated with constant maintenance, pulling rocks from the lawn and picking grass from the wrong side of the edge. We at Creative Edging know that in most cases metal edging is not going to do what you hoped it would do. Nothing short of continuous concrete edging will keep the grass from encroaching on your planter beds.

The real solution is a continuous thick concrete border such as landscape curbing, also called concrete edging. Here at Creative Edge, we go even further than most. We slightly over dig and precisely level a trench where the concrete edging goes, removing any tree roots in the way. We then lay down a continuous, densely packed proprietary concrete mixture to form an attractive barrier; concrete edge. The result is an extremely durable, root barrier that will last for years and will greatly improve the appearance of any landscape.