Creative Edge One-of-a-kind Mixing Truck for Concrete Edging

Concrete landscape edging gives a clean and fresh look to your landscaping. Today there are many edging techniques available but concrete landscape curbing has become the most popular edging solution. Whatever edging technique is chosen, a primary concern of many customers is often relative to the lawn and whether or not equipment will damage it. At Creative Edging we hear these types of questions frequently.

Hopefully we can alleviate any fear and doubts you may have.

Let’s just dispense of any concerns right up front. Your lawn will not be negatively affected by any of our equipment. We’ve specially engineered our unique curbing equipment to prevent any lawn damage. Our staff at Creative Edging are also skilled at always doing a tidy job that will leave your landscape looking amazing. Except for the grass removed to create the trench where the concrete curbing will be laid, your grass will remain untouched. We are committed to improving the look of your home while preserving the beauty of your existing landscape.

If you’re concerned that the concrete mixing process will leave a mess, we’ve got you covered there as well. Our state-of-the-art self-contained mixing truck keeps the process on-site and mess free. All concrete is transported from the mixing truck using a powered two-track wheelbarrow, preventing ruts and damage that typical wheelbarrows will cause.

You may also think the curbing machine itself may be heavy enough to cause harm to your lawn or garden. But you will be amazed to know these machines are typically comparable to the size of a lawn mower.

At Creative Edging, customer satisfaction is our first priority as we strive to remain the best landscape curbing company in the area.