Concrete Edging Preparation and Installation

Preparing for our arrival

Planning For Installation

  • Locate AND mark, prior to our arrival, ALL sprinklers, low voltage wiring, drip lines, and anything that is shallower than 3” inches from the surface. Usually a locate service is not needed to perform our work. Home owner can make that decision.
  • Make sure yard is clean and free of any pet debris or toys from children. The crew will need good clean access to the area where the edging will go.
  • Make sure any requested prep work has been done prior to crew arrival or this may affect appointment time and day structure, and additional charges.
  • Make sure water to sprinkler system has been turned off and grass NOT watered at least 6 hours prior to arrival.
  • Make sure to watch kids and pets (this includes stray animals) up to 24 hours AFTER the edging has been completed. If the edging is damaged during this 24 hour period, an additional charge will be applied.
  • Our trunk needs atleast 50 feet of street frontage of the property where the work will be done.
  • Most importantly, on the day of service, please make sure there is a decision maker on site during the entire install.  The decision maker is responsible for signing off on the quality and layout of work done. 
Layout & Planning: Upon arrival on the scheduled day an experienced Creative Edge installer will plan your project with you, making sure everything is ready to go before we start the installation process. Any footage or style changes that affect price will be gone over with the customer before completion of work.

Existing Lawn: Any existing edging is removed, and 12 inch wide trench 1 ½ – 2 inches deep is created with a sod cutter. The sod is removed, and the trench is prepared for the edging to be installed.

New construction (or areas clear of vegetation): A 12 inches wide trench 1 – 2 inches deep is created by shovel or sod cutter and prepared for the edging to be installed.

Mixing: Our Spec-Mix of Portland cement, washed mortar sand, air entrainment solution, and reinforcing polypropylene fiber creates a strong, durable “winterized” concrete product.

Iron-oxide color dye is added to the concrete in the mixing process for color jobs. This insures integrated, long-lasting color.

Installation: Custom built machines, extrude concrete thru mold-heads into a raw formed curb. Then experienced trowelers compact, straighten, and cream the surface to a desirable finish.

Clean-Up, Billing & Final Inspection: We clean all our job sites and leave them as we found them with the exception of your new concrete edge! The edging is measured and billed at the appropriate rate in relation to amount and style of edging, and the bill is presented upon completion of work. A final inspection of the job will be done with customer and all aftercare requirements, including back-fill and sealing instructions are thoroughly explained before our departure from the job site.

Payment is collected at the end of the install, after customer approval.

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Disclaimer: If the prearranged items according to the estimate have not been done and our crew is delayed, customer may receive additional charges based on time and work needed to get site ready. If site is not ready crew may need to reschedule and come back another day.