Trees can provide shade, great color, and texture, and add value to your home. But as the tree grows and the root system gets larger they can cause costly damage to the lawn and landscape materials such as concrete edging and walkways, as well as the foundation of your home and buildings.  The roots can also damage your lawnmower and blades.

In a new landscape often trees are planted too close to driveways or walkways and as the tree grows the roots cause cracking or buckling of your concrete or asphalt.  The most common trees that cause surface roots are soft maples, locust, birch, and weeping willows.  But any mature tree can develop surface roots over time.

We offer options to fix surface roots in conjunction with installing beautiful new concrete curbing in your yard including manually cutting them out to make way for the new curb, and also by using our stump-grinder for the much larger roots as well as small stumps.  Often we create larger beds or alter the old curbing line to accommodate encroaching tree roots.  We cut the roots far enough away from it to preserve the overall health of the tree.

An annual ‘health’ inspection of your tree roots and your curbing will ensure desired longevity.

Ask us about this additional service when we come out to give you a free estimate on concrete curbing!