We now are making our own Pre-Cast concrete tree rings!

Choose from either Mower or Curb style, no added color.  They measure about 42” in diameter to accommodate nearly any size tree on your property.  They come in two pieces for easy installation and allow future adjusting or moving (in case there are root issues down the road).

We make our concrete tree rings with our same strong cement fiber mixture as our edging, but with an added piece of rebar in the center of the curbing for extra reinforcement and added reliability.

Concrete tree rings add a touch of beauty to your landscape and protect the base of your tree from mower and edging damage. It also makes it easier to mow around the tree.  These tree rings also provide a barrier to help keep out unwanted grass and weeds.

We can include any number of these tree rings with your curbing installation for an additional fee.  Customers can also come pick them up themselves from our location.

Contact us with any questions you may have or to receive a price quote.

Concrete Tree Ring
Concrete Tree Rings

These pictures show the process of casting our concrete tree rings.  The picture above demonstrates the finish process following the pour of concrete into the cast.

The picture to the right shows the installation of rebar to add strength and reliability to each of our tree rings.

Concrete Tree Rings